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[presentation at ACS] Virus Filter

Dr. Hamamoto will give an oral presentation at ACS spring meeting 2019. “Development of a method for the measurement of Interactions between protein molecules and the virus removal membrane surface: effects of immunoglobulin G adsorption on filter performance” R. Hamamoto, H. Ito, M. Hirohara, R. Chang, T. Hongo-Hirasaki, and T. Hayashi, 2019年4月2日, ACS Spring 2019 National Meeting & Exposition.

Evan gave 2 presentations in a row

1 “Ultrafast monitoring of the streptavidin-biotin bond dynamics” E. A. Mondarte, T. Maekawa, T. Nyu, H. Tahara, and T. Hayashi, 19th International Microscopy Congress, 2018年9月10日, International Convention Centre, Sydney. 2 “Detection of intermediate transient states of the streptavidin-biotin bond by atomic force microscopy”  E. A. Q. Mondarte, H. Tahara, T. Nyu, T. Maekawa, and T. Hayashi1, 第79回応用物理学会秋季学術講演会, 2018年9月19日, 名古屋国際会議場、名古屋.

Ms. Syifa Asatyas had an oral presentation in Belgium

ASATYAS, S.; SEKINE, T.; CHANG, R.; HAYASHI, T. The Role of Interfacial Water in Bioinertness of Methoxy-Tri(Ethylene Glycol)-Terminated Monolayers Studied by Surface Force and Vibrational Spectroscopy. In ChemCYS 2018: Floreal, Blankenberge, Belgium, 2018.


TH has an oral presentation at ISSS-8 held in Tsukuba science city under the attack of the typhoon. 3pE1-3 (24th Oct 2017) Physicochemical origin of bioinertness expressed by organic and biological molecule-based self-assembled monolayers T. Sekine, S. Asatyas, R. Chang and T. Hayashi (Tokyo Tech, Japan) Collaborators’ presentations are: 4PA-12 Formation and Structure of Self-Assembled Monolayers of Alkaneselenocyanates on Au(111) S. Han1, T. Hayashi2, M. Hara2 and J. Noh1 (1Hanyang Univ., Korea, 2Tokyo Tech, Japan) 3PA-12 STM Observation on the Formation and Structure of Self-Assembled Monolayers by Adsorption of Unsymmetric Adamantyl Alkyl Disulfides on Au(111) Y.J. Son1, T. Hayashi2, M. Hara2 and J. Noh1 (1Hanyang Univ., Korea, 2Tokyo Tech, Japan)

応用物理学会 受賞記念講演

廣原君が応用物理学会で講演奨励賞受賞記念講演を行いました。丁度、業績賞を受賞した大阪大 山下一郎先生に続く受賞講演で、多くの聴衆から質問コメントを頂き、その後の懇親会も大いに盛り上がりました。  

We join IUMRS-ICAM 2017@Kyoto University

We have two contributing and one invited talk there. Direct measurement of blunt end stacking between DNA layers by atomic force microscopy: For understanding mechanisms underlying self- assembly process of DNA molecules Taito SEKINE, Naoki KANAYAMA, Kazunari OZASA, Takashi NYU, Tomohiro HAYASHI, Mizuo MAEDA (B7-O31-004 31st Aug) Nanoscale Imaging of Molecular Recognition Sites by Atomic Force Microscopy Takashi NYU, Tatsuhiro MAEKAWA, Kasinan SUTHIWANICH, Tomohiro HAYASHI (B7-O01-005 1st Sep) Mechanism underlying bioinertness of nonfouling self-assembled monolayers: surface forces and vibrational analyses Syifa ASATYAS, Taito SEKINE, Ryonsok CHANG, Tomohiro HAYASHI (B7-I01-002 Invited) And TH is one of the organizers of Session B7.