[paper accepted] Self-assembly of peptides

The followling paper has been accepted. This work is a collaboration with Prof. Fumio Sanda@Kansai University. Tyrosine-based photoluminescent diketopiperazine supramolecular aggregates. N. Shimosaraya, T. Sotani, Y. Miyagi, E. Quimada Mondarte, K. Suthiwanich, T. Hayashi, Y. Nagata, H. Sogawa,F. Sanda. Soft Matter 2021.

[invited talk] MRS workshop

TH gave an invited talk: “Anti-biofouling Monolayers: The Mechanism and Molecular Designs” T. Hayashi, MRS Workshop Series on Innovations in Biomaterials Science: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Biomaterials Design and Development, 2021年10月20日, online.

[paper accepted] Zwitterionic peptide monolayers

Protein- and cell-resistance of zwitterionic peptide-based self-assembled monolayers: anti-biofouling tests and surface force analysis. R. Chang, E. A. Q. Mondarte, D. Palai, T. Sekine, A. Kashiwazaki, D. Murakami, M. Tanaka,T. Hayashi. Frontiers in Chemistry 2021. 


8月27日 13:00-アルテック株式会社様のアレンジでQCM-Dに関するオンラインセミナーを行います。ここから参加登録が可能です。 今までの研究紹介に加え、昨年12月28日(超年末)に納入されてから得られたデータなどの最新の成果を発表します。