Principal Investigator

林 智広 (Tomohiro Hayashi) (Associate Professor)
(from Japan)

Administrative staff

滝 和恵 (Kazue Taki)
(from Japan)

Doctoral Course Students

(D3) Rudolf Jason Kwaria  (MEXT fellow, Integrated Doctoral course)
(from Indonesia)
(D3) Kasinan Suthiwanich (MEXT fellow, Integrated Doctoral course) (Inter-Departmental Organization for Environment and Energy student fellow)
(from Thailand)
(D3) Evan Angelo Quimada Mondarte (MEXT fellow, Integrated Doctoral course)
(from the Philippines)
(D2) 田原寛之 (Tahara Hiroyuki) (TAC-MI Educational Program) (from Japan)
(D2) Elisa Margarita Mendoza Zamarripa (Scholarship fellow of Mexican government) (from Mexico)
(D1) 中村太一 (Nakamura Taichi)
(from Japan)
(D1) Subin Song  (Honor fellow of JASSO)
(from China)
(D1) Debabrata Palai (JICA fellow)
(from India)
(D1) Fang Zhou
(from China)
(D1) Navin Rajapriya Inbaraj
(From India)

Master Course Students

(M2) 野村凛太郎(Rintaro Nomura)
(from Japan)
(M1) Wang Feng (from China)
(M1) 千頭俊太 (Shunta Chikami) (from Japan)
(M1) 前田翔一 (Shoichi Maeda) (from Japan)