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[paper accepted] isocyanide SAMs

Azuho and others’ work has been accepted for the Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Improvement of the Thermal Stability of Self-Assembled Monolayers of Isocyanide Derivatives on Gold. Tsunoi, A.; Lkhamsuren, G.; Mondarte, E. A.; Asatyas, S.; Oguchi, M.; Noh, J.; Hayashi, T. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2019, in print. 

Syifa and Makoto have presentations@MANA international Symposium

1. Asatyas, S., Sekine, T., Morita, S., Hayashi, T.: “Effect of molecular packing density on bioinertness of self-assembled monolayers of methoxy-tri(ethylene-glycol)-terminated alkanethiols”, MANA International Symposium 2017, エポカルつくば (2017年3月1日). 2. Hirohara, M., Maekawa, T., Mizushita, Y., Nyu, T., Sekine, T., Hayashi, T.: “Identification of adsorbed proteins on self-assembled monolayers from serum using MALDI-ToF-MS”, MANA International Symposium 2017, エポカルつくば (2017年3月1日).