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Seminar by Prof. Sang-Yup Lee

We will have a special seminar by Prof. Sang-Yup Lee (Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Yonsei University) Abstract in a PDF format Novel Applications of Bolaamphiphile Self-Assemblies: Catalyst, Sensors, and Light-Harvesting Systems Exploiting Biochemical Activities Peptidic bolaamphiphilic molecule is an amphiphilic molecule that has two hydrophilic amino acids at both ends of central hydrophobic moiety. Because of its symmetric structure, the peptidic bolaamphiphile self-assembly produces complex self-assembled suprastructures such as spheres and tubes. These peptidic bolaamphiphile self-assemblies attracts research interests for their potential applicability in engineering uses. The biochemical activity of those amino acids or peptides displays extraordinary functionality that can be exploited for various engineering fields. These peptidic bolaamphiphile…

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