News releases and appearance in media of our paper on AI-based material design (updating)

Our articles Data-driven prediction of protein adsorption on self-assembled monolayers toward material screening and designRudolf Jason Kwaria, Evan Angelo Quimada Mondarte, Hiroyuki Tahara, Ryongsok Chang, and Tomohiro Hayashi been introduced in the following WEB sites so far. [In japanese]2020年9月1日付 化学工業日報1面[製薬オンライン][non-Japanese]

Graduation of three PhDs

Three PhDs (Kiyoshi, Makoto, and Ryongsok) left our group with extremely high skills of surface and interface analysis and scanning probe microscopy. Good luck for your nest steps!

Ph.D. defenses

Kiyoshi, Makoto, and Ryongsok finished their defenses and proceeded to the final exam.  

Masters’ defense

M2 students finished their defenses. Mr. Makoto Hirohara and Mr. Tatsuhiro “Kiyoshi” Maekawa won poster presentation and Denka awards, respectively. (廣原君、前川君がそれぞれ、優秀ポスター発表賞、電化賞を受賞致しました!)