We join IUMRS-ICAM 2017@Kyoto University

We have two contributing and one invited talk there.

Direct measurement of blunt end stacking between DNA layers by atomic force microscopy: For understanding mechanisms underlying self- assembly process of DNA molecules

Taito SEKINE, Naoki KANAYAMA, Kazunari OZASA, Takashi NYU, Tomohiro HAYASHI, Mizuo MAEDA (B7-O31-004 31st Aug)

Nanoscale Imaging of Molecular Recognition Sites by Atomic Force Microscopy

Takashi NYU, Tatsuhiro MAEKAWA,
Kasinan SUTHIWANICH, Tomohiro HAYASHI (B7-O01-005 1st Sep)

Mechanism underlying bioinertness of nonfouling self-assembled monolayers: surface forces and vibrational analyses

Syifa ASATYAS, Taito SEKINE, Ryonsok CHANG, Tomohiro HAYASHI (B7-I01-002 Invited)

And TH is one of the organizers of Session B7.