2 invited talks@第26回日本MRS年次大会

TH has two invited talks@第26回日本MRS年次大会

1 “On-chip proteomic analysis: investigation of scaffold proteins and correlation with cell behavior” Makoto Hirohara, Tatsuhiro Maekawa, Takashi Nyu, and Tomohiro Hayashi, 第26回日本MRS年次大会, 2016年12/20, 横浜文化会館.
2 “Correlation between Physicochemical Properties of Self-Assembled Monolayers and Protein Adsorption Analyzed with Artificial Neural Network” Rudolf Jason Kwaria and Tomohiro Hayashi, 第26回日本MRS年次大会, 2016年12/19, 横浜文化会館.